About US

One day, we opened our eyes and realized we’d done it.  We’d made all the positive changes we’d been working towards.  We began living the life we had only dreamt about and we felt amazing. Our work began on the inside. We started simply and peacefully by shifting the thoughts within our minds.  By learning the lessons of zen.  By enriching our personal soil, we learned. Soon after, we connected. Paced by the flow and time of nature, our roots grew strong and planted us firmly in our earthen seats. 

"We Love our Planet. We love helping others & We're Proud to be a Gimmick Free Zone. We're Real People with Real Cares and Real Answers".

Our Essential Tribe

Zen Life Essentials is the enlightened crop born from our humble, ambitious, thoughtful, positive, open-minded, empathetic, & progressive seeds that make up our unique tribe.  We live and thrive within the beautiful tropical region better known as Tampa Bay, Florida. We’re as much products of our environment as our unique products are of us.  Through our products, our examples, and our understanding natures, we wish to connect and become an essential part of your waking journey through life.