Platinum Kava Root Powder


Platinum Kava Root Powder by Zen Life Naturals! Always Tested for Quality.  Our platinum grade kava root powder is a natural product that is typically used to increase relaxation and to help ease anxiousness feelings.

New to kava? You may want to try mixing one tablespoon of kava to one cup of liquid to get started!

Our platinum kava root powder is our smoothest powder, making it easiest to blend.

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Our platinum kava product is our finely ground noble lateral root kava powder hand-picked from from Kadavu, Fiji to ensure premium quality. This is the Most Mature of our kava offerings with each plant being at least 10 years old at time of harvesting.

This kava powder has a 10.22% kavalactone level. This is a strong, full body kava with dark color and a very smooth peppery taste. The effects of our platinum kava root powder are almost instantaneous and long-lasting. 

Available in .25 lbs.

Weight 120 oz


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