Silver Blend Premium Kava Root Powder


Kava Root Powder is used to make a drinkable beverage.

*We include a kava brewing suggestion card with kava order.

Kava root powder is a great natural option for those looking to ease anxiety or for assistance with insomnia.  It’s also used by many to assist with social anxiety and is becoming a more known option for helping people to decrease their alcohol consumption.

Kava is not drank for its taste – honestly its an earthy taste that some struggle to get down on its own so we always suggest making it with a tasty milk or adding some kind of flavor such as cacao.  It is normal for you to immediately feel a numbing sensation to your lips and tongue when drinking kava.



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7.2% Kavalactones

Country of Origin: Fiji

Noble 100% Lateral Root Kava Powder

Our silver kava is a white, peppery kava straight from the Fijian Islands. This kind of kava powder offers a smooth, peppery taste and a mellow feel. This kava comes from Savusavu, Fiji; a place well-known for producing some of the most delicious kava available.


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